MagoFOG is a creative web technology company and it provides key digital services like Online Admission Software for Colleges and Schools. We also focused on helping our clients to build a successful business on web and mobile.

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Software Development

Software Development

"MagoFOG is an custom software development company specializes in developing scalable software application and customized business software.

Server Solution for Small business

Server Solution for Small business

We will help you to plan out a server solution customized to your unique needs and can provide on-going support for your server environment.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting for Business

MagoFOG provide reliable and secure Cloud Hosting Services to ensure that your website is always available and performing at its best.

Software Development


  • MagoFOG has the singular mission of providing you with the finest hosted services available anywhere. Our technical experts do not simply follow the herd. We always strive to find the best, most effective ways to serve you and provide solutions to help you meet your challenges. We provide services that are Powerful, Innovative, and Responsive.
  • We provides specialized Information Technology and Software Consulting Services to its clients globally. Our expert team of Business Analysts, Application Developers, Web Designers, Quality Assurance Professionals and Online Marketing Experts has accomplished the developments of a large number of projects for global clientele.
  • We have skilled Designers, Developers and Project Analyser with the technological expertise equipped to Design, Develop and Implement the solution of any complexity.
  • Our mission is to develop a high quality ERP softwares of Colleges and ERP softwares of Schools. With supreme user experiences and drive faster conversions.



Do you provide any trial period for your Web Application? You are Welcome to use our application sample to test. Please contact us to purchase a License allowing you to use it permanently.


We believe everyone deserves fantastic support for their application. At the moment, our team of Happiness Engineers is working through a backlog of support requests.


Welcome to our Online Chat for discussing anything regarding Educational ERP and our Services. We are very happy to answer for your all queries. So please feel free to add questions, comments or responses of your own..