Key Features & Benefits

Device-Based Access

A Device CAL License provides access rights to a specific device, allowing multiple users who share that device to access the services offered by Microsoft Exchange Server. This is particularly useful in scenarios where multiple users use the same device, such as a shared workstation.

Streamlined Collaboration

The license facilitates collaboration and communication by providing the connected device with secure access to advanced email functionalities, including email, calendars, contacts, and other collaborative features within the Exchange Server environment.

Efficiency and Compliance

Device CAL licensing allows organizations to license devices rather than individual users. This can be more cost-effective in environments where multiple users share the same device. It also helps organizations stay compliant with Microsoft's licensing policies.

Secure Communication

The license ensures that the connected device has secure access to email and collaboration tools, with built-in security features provided by Exchange Server. This is essential for protecting sensitive business communications.

Cost-Effective Scaling

Device CALs can be a cost-effective solution for organizations with scenarios where multiple users share the same device. As the organization grows, additional Device CALs can be acquired to cover additional devices.

Integration with Microsoft Outlook

The license typically includes integration rights with Microsoft Outlook, providing users with a familiar interface for managing emails and schedules.