Key Features & Benefits

Individual Access Rights

SQL Server User CAL License grants specific individuals within your organization the right to access the SQL Server database. Each user receives a unique license, providing personalized access based on their needs.

Flexible Collaboration

Facilitate collaboration among team members by offering personalized access to SQL Server. User CALs are ideal for scenarios where users require varying levels of database interaction, ensuring that each individual has the necessary tools for their specific role.

Security and Compliance

Ensure that your database environment remains secure and compliant. SQL Server User CALs help manage access rights, providing a way to track and control individual users' interactions with the database, supporting regulatory compliance requirements.


Easily scale your database environment as your organization grows. SQL Server User CALs allow you to add licenses for new users without the need for additional infrastructure, providing a cost-effective solution for expanding user access.

Integrated Services

SQL Server User CAL License seamlessly integrates with Microsoft's suite of cloud services, offering enhanced collaboration and communication tools. Leverage the power of the cloud to boost productivity and stay competitive in today's digital landscape.

Personalized Experience

Tailor the database experience to the unique requirements of each user. Whether it's for developers, analysts, or administrators, SQL Server User CALs allow individuals to leverage the full spectrum of features and tools available in Microsoft SQL Server.