Key Features & Benefits

User-Centric Licensing

Windows Server User CALs operate on a user-centric model, requiring a separate license for each individual user. This licensing approach accommodates scenarios where users may access the server from multiple devices.

Comprehensive Server Services

Unlock the full potential of Windows Server services, including file and print services, email, and various network functionalities. Each User CAL enables users to seamlessly tap into the rich array of capabilities offered by the server.

Licensing Compliance

Ensuring compliance with Microsoft's licensing terms is crucial for any organization. User CALs provide the necessary licensing structure to keep your organization compliant, protecting against legal and financial ramifications during audits.

Remote and External Access

Ideal for organizations with remote or external users, User CALs facilitate access from any location. This flexibility ensures that users can connect to the server and leverage its services, regardless of their physical location.

Device CAL vs. User CAL

While User CALs are user-specific, organizations also have the option of Device CALs, which are associated with specific devices. The choice between User CALs and Device CALs depends on the unique user/device dynamics of your organization.

Volume Licensing Options

For larger enterprises, Microsoft offers volume licensing options, allowing organizations to acquire User CALs in bulk. This provides scalability and potential cost savings for organizations with varying user counts.