Key Features & Benefits

Individual Access Rights

A User CAL License provides an individual user with the rights to access and use the services offered by Microsoft Exchange Server. This includes accessing email, calendars, contacts, and other collaboration features.

Flexible and Personalized Access

User CALs are user-specific, allowing organizations to tailor access rights to the needs of each user. This flexibility is particularly beneficial in environments where users have varying requirements for email and collaboration tools.

Enhanced Productivity

With a User CAL License, users can take advantage of advanced productivity features within Exchange Server. This might include features such as shared calendars, task management, and integration with Microsoft Outlook.

Secure Communication

The license ensures that users have secure access to their email and collaboration tools, with built-in security features provided by Exchange Server. This is crucial for protecting sensitive business communications.

Licensing Compliance

User CALs help organizations stay compliant with Microsoft's licensing policies. Each user who accesses the Exchange Server environment needs to be covered by a valid User CAL.


As organizations grow, they can scale their Exchange Server deployment by acquiring additional User CALs to accommodate new users. This scalability ensures that licensing aligns with the evolving needs of the business.