Key Features & Benefits

Device-Centric Licensing

Windows Server Device CALs operate on a device-centric model, requiring a separate license for each individual device accessing the server. This licensing approach is suitable for scenarios where multiple users share a single device.

Simplified Licensing Management

Device CALs simplify licensing management by associating the licensing rights with specific devices. This streamlines the tracking of licensing requirements, making it easier for organizations to stay compliant with Microsoft's licensing terms.

Comprehensive Server Services

Unlock the full suite of Windows Server services for each designated device. From file and print services to email and network functionalities, Device CALs ensure seamless access to the diverse capabilities of the server.

Licensing Compliance

Adherence to licensing compliance is critical for organizations, and Device CALs provide a structured approach. This licensing model protects against legal and financial implications during audits, ensuring your organization operates within the bounds of licensing agreements.

Cost-Effective for Shared Devices

Device CALs can be a cost-effective choice for organizations where multiple users share a single device. Instead of licensing each user separately, the licensing rights are associated with the device itself.

Remote and External Access

Ideal for organizations with devices accessed remotely or from external locations. Device CALs facilitate connectivity from designated devices, supporting a flexible and secure server access strategy.