Key Features & Benefits

Secure Remote Connectivity

RDP CALs enable secure access to your Windows Server environment, allowing users to connect remotely using the robust Remote Desktop Protocol. Ensure a safe and encrypted connection for sensitive data and applications.

Enhanced User Experience

Optimize the remote user experience with RDP CALs, delivering efficient and responsive access to Windows Server resources. Benefit from features that enhance usability and performance during remote sessions.

Licensing Compliance

Adherence to licensing compliance is crucial, and RDP CALs provide the necessary licensing structure to ensure your organization operates within the bounds of Microsoft's licensing terms. Stay compliant and avoid legal and financial implications.

Flexible Remote Work Solutions

Empower your organization with the flexibility to support remote work scenarios. RDP CALs facilitate a dynamic and adaptable work environment, allowing users to access Windows Server resources securely from various locations.

Cost-Effective Licensing Model

RDP CALs offer a cost-effective licensing model by allowing organizations to license individual users or devices that need remote access, providing flexibility in aligning licensing with your specific usage patterns.

User and Device Licensing Options

Choose between user-based or device-based licensing options based on your organization's preferences and needs. RDP CALs offer flexibility to accommodate various scenarios and user/device dynamics.