Key Features & Benefits

Device-Based Access

Device CALs provide access to Azure DevOps Server for multiple users sharing a specific device within an organization's network.

Collaboration Tools

Unlock the full suite of Azure DevOps Server tools, including source code management, build automation, release management, and comprehensive collaboration features.

Flexible Licensing

Device CALs offer flexibility for organizations with shared workstations or scenarios where multiple individuals use the same device intermittently.

Reliable Performance

Experience top-notch server performance, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity. This edition is optimized for stability, speed, and responsiveness, ensuring your critical business applications run smoothly.


Azure DevOps Server Device CAL License seamlessly integrates with Microsoft's suite of cloud services, offering enhanced collaboration and communication tools. Leverage the power of the cloud to boost productivity and stay competitive in today's digital landscape.

Shared Access Control

Device CALs facilitate shared access to Azure DevOps Server while still maintaining control and security over the devices within the organization.