Key Features & Benefits

Individual Access

Each user covered by a User CAL is granted personal access to the features and functionalities of Azure DevOps Server.

Collaboration Tools

Unlock the collaboration potential of your development team with access to work item tracking, source code management, build automation, release management, and more.

Enhanced Productivity

Empower your developers, testers, and stakeholders to efficiently plan, track, and deliver high-quality software using the comprehensive suite of Azure DevOps tools.

Flexible Licensing

Azure DevOps Server User CAL provides flexibility, allowing organizations to tailor their licensing to the specific needs and size of their development teams.


Easily scale your development environment by acquiring User CALs for additional users as your team grows.

Comprehensive DevOps Capabilities

Take advantage of a complete set of tools for version control, build automation, release management, testing, and collaboration within a single, integrated platform.